What’s Up | 03/22/10

Hmm…haven’t really done one of these in a while. The past two weeks have just flown by. Midterms, ABA, The Daily Cal, bonding, food, hanging out with friends…it’s all meshed together as one in my head.

Midterms turned out great, for the most part. Out of the five I’ve taken, I got four A’s. And the C+ I got on my History 7B midterm was changed to a B after I convinced my GSI that I had a much better essay than he had originally felt. Now, to focus on finals coming up soon.

So after my last midterm on Thursday, I pretty much cruised the next few days. I got to play basketball three days in a row, twice at People’s Park, once at the RSF, all with buddies from ABA, and all very intense and fun games.

It just felt so good to be playing again. I have seriously deprived myself of basketball since sophomore year of high school and I regret not playing as much as I should have. I’m hoping to join an intermural basketball team next semester, depending on time, of course.

On Friday, other than basketball, I swam at the Clark Kerr pool and played ping pong later that night with Vincent, Justin, and Jay. We had some pretty intense matches.

By Saturday, the campus was near-empty, as all the Berkeley students had already gone home for spring break. I went to SF in the morning with Christina, Hilary, Jay, Phi, Kim, and Perlin and finally ate legit dim sum at Chinatown. Blog post coming soon.

At 1 am early Sunday, I realized that the earliest BART wouldn’t make my 8:45 am flight. I made some calls and found out that Southwest would put me on the next available flight.

Everything went smoothly from there. I took the 10 am flight back to Los Angeles, reunited with my family, and ate a scrumptious lunch at a sushi restaurant. My parents went all-out and got one of those boats filled with delicious delights.

I found out that for spring break, I was staying at the same hotel from winter break. Nice. I guess my family’s just been pretty busy, and we’re getting things worked out with insurance, so it’ll take a while before our house is remodeled.

I promptly knocked out for a bit and woke up to the calls of some of my buddies from church. They were at the hotel, playing golf at the driving range and putting green downstairs (Pacific Palms is a pretty well-known golf resort/driving range).

So I went downstairs, played several games of PUTT, and met Bill Walton, one of the best big men in the NBA and father of Luke Walton, in the process.

It was very random, but while we were at the putting green, I heard my friend RJ shout to us about Bill Russell. We looked and saw a massive white guy. Wait, isn’t Bill Russell black?

Apart from the name confusion, our conversation with Bill Walton went smoothly. He talked to us about the Lakers and that he was a big Lebron fan. We shook hands with him and some of my friends got pictures with him.

Definitely a good start to this week. I have a few things planned out with Berkeley, high school, and church buddies and I have tons of homework to do as well. I have a feeling this is going to be one interesting break.

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