Basketball at People’s Park

When I first came to Cal, I made a mental list of things to do and places to visit. Today, I accomplished one on my list. I played pickup basketball at People’s Park. With the regular inhabitants there.

Actually, I had originally planned on playing some ball with ABA buddies at the RSF (we’re trying to get weekly ABA basketball games going, but anyone can join *cue for you to come out and play*).

However, when we got to the RSF, we found out that all the courts were closed for some special March Madness event that was going on. Ryan and I decided to move to the courts at People’s Park.

We told the others the news, and met up with Vincent, Casey, Kent, Eric, and Justin at the park. We were shooting around when some of the people at the courts asked us if we wanted to play some pickup.

The game ensued, and pretty soon, I was playing my second, third, and fourth games. All full court and pretty intense. Seriously, those people were pretty good. In between games, they would take a “break” by smoking a joint. Oh, People’s Park.

All in all, I had a great time. Sure, it was very tiring, and I once again can no longer feel my body, but I definitely want to go back some other time to play some ball. Definitely a lot more challenging because everything is outdoors and it’s a different environment.

I’ve hit my exercise block, because I’m done with midterms. Yay! I’m planning to swim with Katie, Eric, and Kyle tomorrow and play more pickup basketball at the RSF after. Then it’s off to the weekend and the start of spring break.

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