Publications Committee Bonding

So my committee, Publications (or “Pubs” in ABA-speak), had a potluck at Kent’s apartment tonight. Everyone brought over delicious food such as fried rice, salad, spaghetti, boba, miso soup, cake, and ice cream.

Some committee members even showed up early to make the food. I made the mozzarella sticks. They were good. But not as good as the Publications cake. Woot!

But the real star of tonight was Kent. His birthday is in two days, so we decided to celebrate a little early. Kent, an aspiring magician, treated us to a magic show.

Crazy. His magic tricks were pretty impressive. Some involved playing cards and others were just mentalism tricks. All were very nicely done. Props to Kent…be sure to check out his YouTube channel. I like the George Washington sunglasses one the best.

Now, back to studying for my music midterm tomorrow. Can’t wait to be done!

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