Nap Time at Berkeley

I was about to write this blog entry, but Dow convinced me to play Sporcle. I had no idea those countries existed…

Anyway, back to my post. I’ve been napping at pretty erratic times the past few weeks. I like to power nap. It’s very effective, and it really refreshes me whenever I’m tired. During midterm season, I would take twenty-minute power naps…at 1 am. Definitely helps with the studying.

I’m very particular when it comes to naps. I have to sleep facing up. And I NEED music. My default nap-time song is Pink Floyd’s “Echoes.” It’s 23 minutes long. My naps are 23 minutes long. Oh, perfect match.

But seriously, I love that song. I slip on my headphones, slowly drift off into the seaside and float among the crashing waves and flying albatrosses. Definitely check out that song…I’ve listened to it during nap times since senior year of high school.

I usually nap in my dorm room. But at the beginning of the year, when I still had something called time, I would nap on Sproul Plaza, in the sun, with the cool breeze brushing past my face and the nondescript chatter of the crowd in the background. There are plenty of grassy areas to take naps.

Today, I finally had the chance to nap at Sproul again. And it was definitely a good nap. Twenty minutes feels like forever when you’ve had a good rest. And waking up to the dying notes of “Echoes” is just an added bonus. I love power naps.

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