What’s Up | 03/06/10

My weekend has been awesome. I went to Emeryville, a city south of Berkeley, for the first time yesterday to watch Alice in Wonderland with ABA buddies. Blog post coming soon.

Today, I went apartment hunting in the morning and narrowed down my choices to two buildings. Excited for next year’s living conditions.

Then, I went to ABA’s Harmony from the Heart charity concert. The venue was hands-down amazing. Everyone had such great sets. I got to eat dinner with AJ Rafael and Jennifer Chung, two big YouTube musicians, and I had row two seats (behind the artists) and talked to them afterwards.

Now, I’m heading out to finish up filming for our Third General Meeting. It is 12 am.

All of a sudden, I have tons of new things to write about for my blog.

Look for new posts soon at randomtidbitsofthought.wordpress.com.

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