Vlog 2.26.10 | Rainy Days at Berkeley

Yay! I’m finally starting my video logs once again. This is the segment where I get to talk about whatever I feel at the moment while riding my bicycle.

I started bike vlogging after watching and subscribing to some YouTube motorcycle vloggers. They would vlog with a camera attached to their helmets, so I thought it would be cool if I could do something similar on my bicycle. I have to give a shout-out to shockofgod and rebelyell91 for inspiring me with this idea.

I’ve been experimenting with the best way to attach a Flip camcorder to my bicycle for a while now. I still haven’t found the ideal method. I’ve tried taping a mini-tripod to the handlebars, which is the method I’d used for my vlogs last semester. I just had a thought involving a rubber band and backpack strap. I’ll keep you guys updated on how that one goes.

Anyway, in this vlog, I talk about the rain at Berkeley and show you guys one of the heavier showers. Seriously, it was raining sheets out of nowhere. But by the time I started to film, the rain had died down a bit. Please bear with me as I figure out how to use WordPress video. But definitely check out this link to my newest vlog. Enjoy!

More videos (hopefully) coming soon at randomtidbitsofthought.wordpress.com.

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