Manpuku Sushi

Today was an awesome day. I had class, work, played two hours of basketball at the gym with Kent, Jay, Eric, and Ray from ABA, and did Pubs committee bonding with Christina.

We decided to try a sushi place that we visited last semester for donations for marketing committee. Good times. This place is located on 2977 College Ave., a short walk from my dorms. Called Manpuku, this little restaurant had big taste and an impressive array of sushi, ramen, bento boxes, and…wait for it…CALPICO.

We ordered two bento boxes and some sushi. I got the terriyaki chicken bento and fried California rolls. I also got the Calpico. The seating system was a bit weird, because we had to order first and find a table ourselves. Space was pretty tight, but it had a homely feel to it.

The food was delicious. The bento box came with terriyaki chicken, miso soup, salad, rice, and some oranges. The sushi I ordered came with eight pieces. Everything came to around $10. Definitely a good find and a great place to enjoy good Japanese food at a decent price. Recommend.

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