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Hey everyone! Hell week is over, and I’m looking forward to a very relaxing week. VITA Part 2 was a success. It was a lot more chill today…we filed taxes for one family per group and headed back early.

Julia and I held our committee meeting for ABA Pubs, and Jay, James, and I went apartment hunting afterward and ran into a homeless lady on the sidewalk foaming at the mouth and requiring medical attention. Emergency help came, everything was sorted out, and a blog post will follow with more details of the ordeal.

I want to write about blogging – what got me into blogging, what I expect from it, and how I want to run my blog to interest my readers and myself more.

This week, for the first time since I’ve started the blog back in January, I’ve run into someone I knew everyday of the week telling me that they read or enjoyed my blog. This has really encouraged me, because I wasn’t expecting many people to go out of their way to read my random ramblings.

I’m also more motivated to put out more quality stuff, things that will interest you and help you to learn more about my life and the world.

Why did I start blogging? I’ve always enjoyed writing, as it was something that came much more naturally to me than speaking. When I write, my thoughts flow smoothly into words, and I’m able to express myself clearly. When I speak, especially for speeches, I have a tough time gathering my thoughts and having others understand what I’m really thinking about.

After I stopped writing for The Daily Cal (I switched to the ads department) last semester, I wanted to continue to write. Blogging was the perfect way. It was a versatile medium where I could write about pretty much anything, whatever my mood or available time dictated.

I initially didn’t know what to expect. I figured blogging would be a good chance to just write and document my life’s events, but it’s become much more than that. It’s become an outlet, something I can do to get my mind off a tough day, express an opinion that I would fail to convey if I were to give a speech on it, or just to share things that I enjoy.

It means a lot that people are having a positive response to my blog, and it makes me want to do an even better job. It also gives me the opportunity to experiment with WordPress’s poll system.

Now it’s your turn. If you read and/or enjoy my blog, drop by and leave a comment. It could be on Facebook, the WordPress website, wherever. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. I’m also putting up a poll on WordPress that asks what you want to read more about. Check it out it

I also plan to resume my bicycle video logs very soon. I’ve gotten requests for it, and I recently bought a new camcorder mount for my bike. Keep a lookout for those!

In the meantime, I will continue to blog to my heart’s content, and I hope you’ll continue to read my posts.

Thanks for reading randomTIDBITSofthought.

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