Case Competition FTW

My hell week just got slightly better. We finished our case competition for ABA today. The one my group and I spent an entire weekend working on, stressing over, and preparing for.

And our group won! It was great getting recognized for the work we put into it. Oh, and the $200 cash prize didn’t hurt either.

So I’d like to take the moment to say, good job Kellie, Lisa, and Ryan. You guys did amazingly well, and we worked hard as a team.

Good job to the other teams too. We all worked hard and now we can concentrate on VITA. Yay!

Time to start studying for midterms…

Celebrate with Glen at

  1. michelle

    Good Job Glen!!!!!! and your teammates! Yeahhhhhhhhh
    So proud of you guys!

  2. randomtidbitsofthought

    Thanks Michelle! You guys did an awesome job, too.

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