What’s Up | 02/16/10

Ahh!!! Busy, busy, busy week. Definitely a hell week coming up. Spent all of today working on our Cabinet case competition that we’ll be presenting tomorrow. It’s 1:30 and I just got back to the dorms. We are going to kill this, Kellie, Lisa, and Ryan. Let’s do it.

Tomorrow looks to be a busy day – I’m going to get up early to finish editing the newsletter for ABA’s Second General Meeting, bike over to Shattuck, and hand off the files to the printer. Classes and work after. Will need to pick up ten 1 liter bottles of soda for Hall Association’s social.

Planning to meet up at 7pm for last minute preparations, then it’s time for our case comp. We should hopefully finish by 9:30, and I’ll be heading back to study for Math midterms coming up on Wednesday.

Other than the midterm, ABA has our Second General Meeting on Wednesday, which I’ll have to attend. Oh, and I’ll have to buy and make costumes for my ABA buddy group in time for Buddy Bowling night on Thursday.

Which leads me to VITA. I need to get IRS certified by Thursday night…we’re heading to Oakland Chinatown this weekend to help file taxes for low-income families, so we need to take the IRS Basic and Intermediate tests and pass them in order to go.

From what I’ve heard, the Basic and half of Intermediate takes 8 hours. I’m looking forward to Friday of this week, it’ll certainly be a well-deserved Friday of relaxation.

Fun, fun week. Time for some homework…I feel better now that I have written about my upcoming week. It gives me the motivation to follow through. I love college.

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