Stephen King’s It

Once, as a five-year old, I had a nightmare about being chased by a group of clowns. I ended up chasing them away with my toy police SUV. I’m glad I didn’t watch Stephen King’s It until now.

In case you were wondering, the movie revolves around a monster that takes the form of a child’s worst fear before turning into a murderous clown. This picture should give you an idea of what Pennywise the Dancing Clown looks like:

Unlike most modern-day horror films, Stephen King’s It actually has a pretty decent storyline, revolving around a group of “loser” kids who join together in fighting off the monster, only to find in adulthood that It has returned to finish the job.

There’s good use of a dual storyline (childhood and adulthood), flashbacks, plot twists, and special effects that were excellent for its time.

Acting was definitely not comparable to that of modern blockbusters, and the ending was a letdown, considering the tense build-up of the story.

All in all, Stephen King’s It is a great movie for a good scare, and has that old-school horror movie feel to it. For the horror-averse crowd, this movie is not as scary as many modern day horror films, which could be a plus. I would definitely recommend this film over many of today’s slasher junk.

Interesting trivia: the American punk-rock band Pennywise was named after the monster It.

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