John’s $1 Scoop

Here’s a place I want to spotlight in the Berkeley area. Located on Shattuck in Downtown Berkeley, John’s $1 Scoop is a must-have any time I’m in the general vicinity.

It’s just perfect. Pick any flavor of ice cream, pick a cone, and pay $1. Simple. And did I mention that the ice cream is absolutely delicious?

I try a different flavor every time I’m there. So far, that’s been cookies ‘n cream, Maui Waui, coffee, strawberry cheesecake, Reese’s peanut butter cup, and the latest one today – fried ice cream.

Delicious as usual.

All this talk of ice cream reminds me of a weird craving that I have: any time it’s cold or rainy, I want to eat ice cream. I have no idea why, but when it rains, I always have an image of ice cream pop up in my head.

Today, it was raining. And I was at Downtown Berkeley, coming back from the grocery store.

Of course, John’s looms into view, with its heavenly smell of scrumptious goodness and colorful array of frozen treats. It’s cold. How could I resist?

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