iPad Clone

Everyone has been talking about the Apple iPad this week. Here’s a funny tidbit of news I came across the other day. Apparently, there is an iPad clone on the market. Typical, you may say. Those crazy Asian companies have clones of every electronic device in existence.

What is unprecedented about this clone, however, is that it came out a full three months before the iPad itself. Called the P88 and manufactured by the Shenzhen Great Long Brother Industrial Co, the iPad clone has comparable memory, a larger screen size, and a bigger hard drive. The only noticeable drawback is the 1.5 hour battery life compared to the iPad’s advertised 10 hours.

What makes the incident even more funny is that Great Long Brother allegedly wants to sue Apple for “stealing” their design.

“We don’t understand. Why did they make the same thing as us?” Huang Xiaofang, an executive at the company, told AFP. “We launched it earlier.”

Take a look at the iPad and the P88. What do you think of this “unfortunate” coincidence?

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