Swimming at Cal

YES!!! I finally swam today, the first time since November!

I woke up this morning and told myself, “You are going to swim today.”

No longer could I hide behind the excuses of winter break, the broken pool heater, or the rain. Today was the day, and I did it.

What was I feeling while I swam? It’s hard to describe, but I’ll take a shot at it: happy, excited, complete, and…completely out of shape. Oh, forgot about that.

For you swimmers out there, remember the spaghetti-like sensation you get in your arms the first practice back from an extended break? Well, that’s exactly how I felt, and worse. That’s what studying for finals, eating over break, and being lazy does…

But pretty soon, I was feeling MUCH better. The noodle-arm sensation left, and I put in a few short sets of freestyle and breaststroke. No, it wasn’t much – my entire workout today was barely the same as a warm-up set in swim team last year. But it’s better than nothing.

Now, I want to swim more frequently. After all, it was one of my New Year’s resolutions. It just feels so good to be swimming again. I’m happy.

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