What’s Up | 01/24/10

So I’m sitting here at my desk, staring at the newsletter design in front of me. I’ve been working on this for the large part of the day. It’s for my business club (Asian Business Association), and we need to have it finished by tomorrow. Publications chair for the win.

On the one hand, it’s fun to design a newsletter, and it definitely brings back good memories of senior year in high school when I worked for the campus newspaper. I’m glad that I didn’t forget what I learned – knowing inDesign definitely made things easier this time around.

I’m tired. So I’m taking a break. And reflecting on the past week, the first week of my spring semester at UC Berkeley. The week started pretty tough, and it wasn’t because of classes. The rain was definitely a downer, and I found out that being Publications chair takes A LOT of time and work.

Not that I’m complaining. I enjoy (for the most part), the responsibilities we get as members of the Cabinet. It gives me plenty of stuff to do, and I learn so much more about other people. I can’t wait for our First General Meeting, where I’ll get to see the finished newsletter in the hands of all the attendees.

Back to school. This semester, I’m taking four classes, and I’m still waitlisted for one class. UGBA 10 (intro to business), Math 16A (calc), Music 26AC (cultural music in America), and History 7B (U.S. history after the Civil War). I’m trying to get in a Plant Bio class, which I heard was pretty chill and gives 3 units.

If everything goes to plan, I’ll have 17 units, and I’ll be dedicating 7 hours a week for ABA and 12 hours a week for The Daily Californian, the campus newspaper where I work in the advertising department.

Which leads me to The Daily Cal. Sales prospects are finally picking up. Last semester was more of a learning period, and I spent a lot of time cold-calling different businesses. This semester, we have a new manager, I have an additional sales district, and more businesses are looking to advertise.

This has been my week so far: lectures from 9-12pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tabling at the ABA from 10-11am, and lecture from 11-12:30pm Tuesday Thursdays. Various sections interspersed in between, as well as a few hours at The Daily Cal office.

I had to wake up at 6:55 on Wednesday, biking downhill in the rain, and write announcements on the chalkboards of a lecture hall. When I finished, I still had an hour to kill, so I walked from one lecture hall to another, still in the rain, looking for a place to sleep. When I finally found a place, I couldn’t fall asleep.

That was the low point.  Which is good because I had so many more high points. First, I got a new roommate who’s pretty chill and not some psychotic sociopath (whew). Second, we rearranged the room, and it turned out to be a good change of scenery. Third, my classes seem pretty easy right now, and will definitely be easier than the hell I went through last semester with Stats 21.

And finally, I’m glad to be able to hang out with my hallmates, classmates, and clubmates again. Oh, and meeting new people and learning new things. It’s good to be back.

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