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This is an intro to my new segment on music. I could write about music news, album reviews, my favorite bands, or anything else related to music that I find interesting. Music is a huge part of my life. Although I’m far from being a decent musician, I love to listen to different kinds of music and just “feel” the music. I tend to favor instrumentation and beats over lyrics – I’ll like a song because it’s got a powerful feel or a catchy riff. I’m horrible at understanding lyrics, but I come to appreciate them after I’m more familiar with the song.

Rock is definitely my favorite genre of music. Yes, the term “rock” is an extremely broad term, but I listen to all kinds – alternative, progressive, punk, metal, indie. I feel that alternative defines my musical tastes best. My favorite bands also happen to be mostly British…Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Muse, Coldplay, and Gorillaz, just to name a few. I first started listening to Linkin Park in middle school. I don’t remember what exactly I listened to during my first two years of high school, but junior year was the year I discovered my favorite band, Radiohead, whom I will talk more about in a future post.

Another genre that I enjoy is electronica – house, trance, techno – you get the idea. Daft Punk is definitely the first house artist I got into, although I largely blame DDR (and Sandstorm) for introducing electronica to me. I started listening to trance my senior year of high school (just a note, each of these sub-genres is different, which I plan to explain in a future blog post). Trance is perfect study music – relaxing and not distracting.

I haven’t been able to get into rap in the past few years. I remember that in middle school it was the “cool” thing to listen to, but once I reached high school, I pretty much stopped listening to most commercialized rap. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate rap music. I do have a few rap artists in my music library, such as Jay-Z and The Beastie Boys. I just can’t relate to what a lot of rappers rap about, and I feel like a lot of “rap” music today is really shallow. But I do keep an open mind, and I definitely plan to look more into old school rap. Hey, you can even recommend artists for me to listen to.

What about pop music, you may ask? Well, it does make good music to dance to, and it’s sometimes catchy. Next.

I tend to listen to music in albums. I just feel that an album is a work of art and should be listened to as a whole. Or maybe I just have OCD. Either way, I have always browsed music by albums and have never used a playlist. I also tend to listen to my current favorite songs/albums over and over again.

Well, that was a quick intro of my musical tastes, habits, and past. I hope to introduce some great artists in the future and review some new music. Drop a comment about what you listen to, any recommendations you may have, or just to say hi.

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