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I love winter break. Especially the days following the holidays and New Year’s. Traditionally, it’s time to head back to school. BUT…not this year. This year, I got another winter break on top of my first winter break. Life is good.

This week has definitely been an ideal winter break…part 2. Let’s see…Sunday, after church, I head over to Irvine with Tim and visit my buddies and the campus. We leave West Covina at night, and I stay over at Tim and Chris’s dorm. Nice place. We grab Jack in the Box’s New Deal – two tacos, a Jumbo Jack, small fries, and a drink – for $3.49. Ate there at 2 am, definitely not a good start for my New Year’s resolution.

The next day, we meet up with Adrian and tour the campus. It’s definitely nice, but it has that typical college campus feel. I definitely like Berkeley’s atmosphere much better – it’s got a unique flavor. We eat lunch at the dining commons. The food is actually pretty good…I don’t know what you’re complaining about, Tim. AND there are six different ice cream flavors. I grab a scoop on the way out. Nope, New Year’s resolution is not looking good…

I spend a few hours with Julia, my ABA committee co-chair, planning out our events for the semester. We get a lot of work done, and I head back to campus. Ping-pong with Tim and Joanna, and then it’s off to Irvine Spectrum for dinner at The Yard House. Delicious shrimp pasta, then back to West Covina that night.

Tuesday night was dinner with my church buddies at John’s Incredible Pizza Co. in Buena Park. One of my friends got a job there, so we decided to hang out and eat some (hopefully) good food. I didn’t know this, but John’s is like a bigger version of Chuckie Cheese’s. Eleven bucks gets you the buffet, with pizza toppings ranging from Cheeseburger to Peanut Butter (there’s also Pepperoni). Arcade games cost extra. I would have to say that the food there is not bad, but I can’t imagine what it must be like on the weekends, with rabid kids running all over the place.

My “morning” has been looking the same since Tuesday: wake up at 12, eat lunch, pick up my brother, do some errands, chill, eat dinner, head back to our hotel. Which leads me to our hotel. Our house flooded a week before I came back for the holidays (pipes and multiple leaks), so we’re doing a complete re-pipe of the house. This means that I get to stay at a hotel for the rest of winter break. I don’t mind a bit, as this hotel happens to be Pacific Palms. Here are some pictures of my room:

Yep. It’s a nice hotel, complete with a city view and a bunch of golf courses. I actually feel like I’m on vacation in West Covina.

So that’s pretty much been my week. I’m enjoying every moment of it, and best of all, I have no homework to worry about. I love college.

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